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***Updated 9/12/2020***


Valor Aquaponics is currently seeking 1-2 main investors for our Round 2 of funding with the goal of raising a minimum of $50,000 with a maximum of $150,000.

These funds will be used 100% for expansion of our aquaponics system, building expenses, supplies and operating expenses. None of these funds will be used to fund payroll, bonuses or to benefit any individuals.

Plant Presentation


  • Uses 95% less water than conventional farming

  • Uses 1/3 of energy than other farm systems

  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals

  • Non-GMO 

  • No growth hormones

Types of Investment Opportunities

We are open to both equity and tradition debt investment opportunities ranging in a minimum of a 3 year term.

Why Invest in Valor Aquaponics?


What makes Valor Aquaponics truly unique is that the owners of the company are 100% invested into making a difference in how food is produced. They prove this not only through their time spent building, upgrading and running the farm, but also in that they do so without receiving any compensation. They have committed to not receiving pay of any kind until the company can be sustainable for years to come.

With ownership not having to rely on the company's valuable and limited financial resources, they are also able to focus more on cultivating the farm around consumer needs rather than just making a quick buck. 

At Valor, we are also invested in making agriculture and aquaponics more green and eco-friendly. In the future as we have access to more funding, we will integrate solar energy to lessen our burden on the local power grid. We are also working on designing technology where we can harness the natural power of aquaponics to generate its own electricity with the goal of being 100% self sustaining.

Our innovative thinking will allow us to build technologies that we can sell worldwide as well as our self-contained systems.

Our greatest impact will be in how we change the landscape in the way that consumers purchase their produce and eventually fish. We are currently working on creating a unique purchasing opportunity that we anticipate in releasing in late October/early November.


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