Frequently asked questions

Do we use genetically modified seeds?

No. At Valor Aquaponics, we strive to provide the best, high quality produce available which means we only use Non-GMO seeds. In fact, all of the seeds we are currently using are all certified organic and purchased from reputable suppliers. In the future, we will harvest our own seeds which will remain all natural and eventually be acclimated for Wisconsin climate.

Are any harmful chemicals or pesticides used?

No. The benefits of aquaponics is that we are able to better control and monitor our produce than traditional farming. As a result, we don't use any pesticides on any of our vegetables. We do not use any chemicals to treat our water. We do add minerals and beneficial bacteria into our water, which have been certified through OMRI and meet USDA Organic standards.

Do you sell direct to the public?

We are currently in the works to set up farm box purchases and subscriptions via our website. Please note that options will be very limited to start with, ie: various microgreens and basil. In the future we look to add lettuce and tomatoes.

What kind of fish do we raise?

The primary fish we've used since opening in September 2020 has been rainbow trout. However, we have made the decision to switch to yellow perch for the forseeable future and already have 500 fingerlings in stock. We also utilize blue and hawaiian gold tilapia and various premium koi fish in our secondary systems.

Are our fish altered in any way with hormones?

No. Like our produce, our fish are raised humanely in our indoor fish farm, free of harmful chemicals. We do not use any hormones of any kind and we strive to use the best fish feed available in combination with natural food such as minnows and worms.

Can We Tour Your Farm?

Due to being careful of making sure that our fish and our vegetables maintain certain agricultural and aquacultural standards, we only offer tours to the following: Customers (ie: restaurants, stores, wholesale purchasers) Partners (ie: partner businesses & investors) Educational (ie: select schools/educational groups) Tours are not available to the general public. Anyone that would like additional information for home use should visit our YouTube channel and videos.

Will we ever consider growing marijuana/hemp?

No. We are very firm in that Valor Aquaponics will never grow, produce or process any marijuana/hemp at our facility. Our mission is to grow healthy, organic foods for consumption.

Are we looking for or needing investors?

We are always open to looking into various funding options as we start operations and look to expand in the future. However, we evaluate ever opportunity carefully to make sure that these opportunities are the best options for us for the long term. To be transparent, we always prefer debt financing such as a fixed rate, short term (2-3 year) loans versus equity unless the amount offered can justify us giving up equity in our company. If you are interested in working with Valor Aquaponics as an investor in some way, please email us at

Our store or restaurant is interested in using/carrying your products? How do we go about this?

We love it when local restaurants and stores see our quality produce and especially want to work with local growers. The easiest way to start the process is to email owner Patrick at Please allow 24-72 hours for Patrick to respond to discuss in further detail.